Hyderabad, Nov 19 : Tamil Nadu Governor Dr. K. Rosaiah has released the book "Pakistanlo Padi Rajulu" (10 days in Pakistan) written by Prof Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Chairman of Hindi Academy.  

Addressing the gathering at a function held in Ravindra Bharathi today, Rosaiah appreciating the writer said that this book will be useful in building the friendly relations between India and Pakistan.

He said who ever read this book will have the feeling like visited Pakistan

Pdma Bhushan Dr. C. Narayana Reddy, recalled famous writer and poet Dr. Allama Iqbal who has written " Saare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamara" and whose memorial is in Pakistan,  one should visit his memorial and should think deeply and understand his feelings. Dr. Reddy expressed concern over Pakistan (explaining Pak  means pure and stan mean land) has turned into ground of terrorism, of which the effect is falling on India.  He said as per Alama iqbal "Mazhab Nahi Sikhata apas mein bair rakhna" but now it has changed totally opposite, terrorism is growing in the name of religion both in India and Pakistan.  

Dr. Narayana Reddy also said that though Urdu is the Pakistan National language, but this is not used by the common people in any region.

A.Krishna Rao, editor of popular Telugu daily who has also spent 10 days in Pakistan said that the cities, roads in Pakistan is more clean and beautiful than in India, the Index of Education, health care, living standard secter in Pakistan is much advance comparing to India, inspire of it, Pakistan is unable to maintain good relations with India is because of Military Administration interference there.

He praised the Pakistani people, saying that they have given warm welcome to them, even in the hotels, the bearers has not tip, shop keepers has given heavy discount, saying that "you are our Mahmaan" The students and youths whom they have contacted have expressed of improving relations and allowing them to study in India.  

However, he alleged that the situation Pakistan has become worst during the regime of Gen.Zia-ul-Haq regime.  

He said even at the time when the Babri Mosque was demolished, there was no disturbances in Pakistan, the minorities there (Obviously Hindus) stayed peacefully, in fact the majority community has taken lightly saying that it is the internal matter of India, he said.


Book inauguration Invitation
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