A high profile PEACE delegation of Indian parliamentarians Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, Lakshmi Parsad, Ramesh Yadev, Vrinda Grover, Jatin Desai, Bharat Modi, Haris Kidwai met Dr Qader Magsi Chairman Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STP). Dr Qader Magsi hosted a party in which delegation delivered speeches and shared views. Mr Lakhshi Pasrsad said that im very very happy to see Sindhi people, and very impressed by Dr Qader Magsi. This is kinds of God that Sindhi people is blessed with such a great leader. During his talks my heart said that i burn-up all my visa passports and join STP to live with you people and Historical Mother Land Sindh. Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar who is a member of parliament (Rajya Sabha). He was vice-chancellor of University of Mumbai and also a member of Planning Commission of India. He is country's leading economist. He said that india is very thankful to the Sindhis who migrated from Sindh to India and settled in Ullas Nagar, and they made it like a heaven. Sindhis have 60 to 70% investment in indian film industry, Nowadays indian economy is very strong its because of the Sindhis, thats why we are really very thankful. He told to in his speech that Sindhi language has national Language status in india. but im very sorry to say that there is no value of Sindh and sindhi people as well as Sindhi language in Pakistan. He highly appreciated the demands of STP and said that Dignity, Liberty and Prosperity is not all important for you people but for all victimized people in the world. in this way they made whole India most popular and economically powerful country. Sindhis really played an historical role in India. On this occasion STP Chairman Dr Qader Magsi said that Sindhis are democratic, peaceful and lovely people in world, this is clear from your speeches and development of India. The people migrated from India to Sindh were very poor, our ancestors warmly welcomed them, and offer their properties, homes, business, made all possible efforts form them, Also gave them equal rights on this historical Mother Land Sindh. We are very sorry to say that after all that now they became our enemy and fighting with sindhis, planing to separate Karachi from Sindh. i am complaining and a message for Indian Parliament that one side you send such high profile people for Peace, on other hand you support a terrorist group MQM to make violence, to spread terrorism in Sindh. He warned that if we could offer our properties to these immigrants in Sindh same time we can get off them from Sindh. Addressing the Delegation welcome party, STP chairman Dr Qader Magsi said that STP and Sindhi people welcome Indian Peace Delegation and shall make every possible effort for the peace Cause which is very important for this region.
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